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  • 2016-2019 – Be’er Sheva Mayor’s Office,
    Menachem Begin Square, Tel.08-6463666
  • 2016 – Compiègne, France, Solo Exhibition, Twin Towns
  • 2016 – Ramat Gan, Israel – Bar Ilan University
  • 2014 – Germany
  • 2013 – Haifa, Israel – Artists House, Solo Exhibition
  • 2013 – Jerusalem, Israel, Cinema tech, Solo Exhibition
  • 2012 – Miami, Florida, USA, Solo Exhibition
  • 2011 – Cesarea, Israel, Malor Center, Solo Exhibition
  • 2009 – Zefad, Israel ,Solo Exhibition
  • 2007 – Tel Aviv, Israel, Group Exhibition
  • 2007 – Ramat Aviv, Israel, Group Exhibition

About Iris Wexler


  • 1976 Avni College, specializing in the plastic arts, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 1977 Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem, Israel
  • 1992-2001 Marketing investments and securities in Batucha Company \ Bloch Rotshtein
  • 2006 Galil Ma’aravi College, Acre, Israel; Certificate in “Art as an Educational Tool”


Instructor of workshops on Figurative Drawing, a unique model of art
classes for sketching shape and color, at my studio named “Living inside
a Picture”. The studio is recognized by Israel’s Education Ministry as
an accredited institution offering in-service courses for teachers on


Instructor of workshops at official Education Ministry in-service
instructional centers on the topic of “Art as an Educational Tool”, for
fostering and enhancing the added value of art in education.

Member of the Society of Artists in Israel, Tel Aviv

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